Kim Kardashian is known for going over the top with her Halloween costumes, and this year's spooky festivites were no exception for the raven-haired beauty when she dressed as Daryl Hannah's character Madison, the mermaid from "Splash." 

Click here to see photos of Kardashian's Halloween costume.

The infamous reality star donned a reported $2,000 blonde wig and hip-hugging, high-waisted, green-sequinned squirt. The boxom beauty finished off the outfit with seashells over her breasts and drenched herself in shiny white pearls; not to mention her assumed favorite asscessory, hip hop tycoon and boyfriend Kanye West, who dressed as a sea captain. 

She wrote on her CeleBuzz blog in an entry she titled "Me & My Captain:" 

"Me and my Captain! I'm off to the Midori Halloween Party in NYC! So excited! What do you think of my costume? I've always been fascinated with mermaids! What are you guys doing this weekend to celebrate Halloween? Xo" 

The starlet partied in New York City before the East Coast was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. 

She seemed to be a fan of the new look, tweeting:  “Kinda loving this blonde wig!” Kardashian then asked her 16.5 million followers, “Should I dye it for real?”

No doubt the reality star was looking for attention since it's unlikely she would ever get rid of her signature, long dark locks.