The captain of Kim Kardashian’s glam squad is sharing some of the reality TV star’s biggest beauty secrets. Celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic spoke about his high-profile client and how they came up with the idea of teaming up for a makeup master class.

Dedivanovic, who is familiar to netizens as @makeupbymario due to Kardahian’s constant Instagram tagging, has teamed up with his client and scheduled a seminar on beauty and makeup. “The Master Class” by Mario and Kim will be held on Saturday at the Pasadena Civic Conference Auditorium in California.

Dedivanovic told Entertainment Tonight that the idea for the ultimate seminar was born when Kardashian once came through for him when he found himself in a tight spot. He had a makeup class in New York City and his model canceled at the last minute. He took a long shot and contacted Kardashian, and luckily, her schedule was open and she rushed cross-country on a red eye flight.

“She came straight to my class from the airport and she surprised all 250 of my students and it was one of the greatest days -- one of the most memorable classes I've ever had," he gushed. The class went so well that the pair decided to make a bigger special event in California.

The class is expected to tackle many of the makeup tricks that they have been using over the years. Dedivanovic and Kardashian have been working together for so long their styles have practically evolved together. Who can forget Kardashian’s extremely glammed-up fake lashes back in the early days of her fame? Dedivanovic admitted that they have since toned things down a notch and are focusing on other things like contouring.

“She does love her contour; a little bit of contour and highlight and lashes. We love to curl the lashes and put a good amount of mascara, define the eyes,” he said. He also emphasized on the importance of having an even skin tone.

The class promises to divulge more secrets not just on the makeup chair but also between an artist and his client. The pair has maintained a longstanding relationship in a cutthroat industry and they also want to share their secrets to longevity.

Balcony seats tickets for “The Master Class” by Mario and Kim are still available on the website. The pricey seats close to the stage have already been sold out.