“Kim of Queens” is back! After her successful first season on Lifetime, pageant queen-turned-coach Kim Gravel has returned to the small screen for "Kim of Queens" Season 2. With two new episodes already under her belt, Gravel spoke with International Business Times about what viewers can expect from Season 2 and what really happens behind the scenes at the Pageant Place.

“I’m really am proud of it,” Gravel told IBTimes of her reason for reprising the series. While “Kim of Queens” is based in the pageant world, she said the show, which focuses on bringing the inner and outer beauty out of young girls, does more good than harm for its viewers and its stars, a rarity in today’s reality-TV genre. “Positivity in this world is hard to break though,” Gravel said. “For me, it’s not about the pay. It’s about the message, and people really got it. That was my prayer that people would have a laugh, have a little bit of fun and learn a little something that they can apply to their own life.”

While Gravel is busy working on improving on her four main girls, who she said got “soft” after gaining some Instagram fame, she confirmed that Marah, who was asked to leave the Pageant Place in episode 1 due to her mother Angie’s antics, has not returned. “I’m still not coaching Marah, even off camera. She wants me to coach her so bad,” Gravel said. She said she loves Marah like a daughter, but Angie, who she feels is “too big for her britches,” is her reason for not letting her return. “The thing about Angie, she’s a frenemy. I love her, but I don’t like her all the time. She’s constantly challenging me,” she said.

Kim of Queens Marah's mother Angie in a scene from "Kim of Queens" Season 2. Photo: Lifetime

Post-dismissal (which Gravel says was not staged and just the result of her “loosing her cookies”) she claims Angie is still trying to get back in her good graces. “Angie is very much like a gnat. She never goes away,” Gravel said. “She’s buzzing around all the time and she’s persistent as H-E double hockey sticks. She calls and texts me constantly.” Angie’s persistence, in fact, might just be the reason for their blowout on Tuesday’s new installment. “This episode coming up is really fought for Marah,” she said. “Angie is really hateful and it gets very, very real.”

Drama isn’t all that viewers can anticipate from the remainder of Season 2. Some new fresh faces will also be joining Gravel's Alpharetta, Georgia-based Pageant Place. One of her favorite new clients, Lauren, a 16-year-old trumpet player and “band nerd,” makes her debut on the series Tuesday. “I could just tell there was something about her that was unique,” Kim said of the newcomer, whom she met during episode 1’s open audition. “I fell in love with this kid. This kid has confidence out the wazoo." While Lifetime producers were initially unsure about Lauren starring on the program, Gravel said her role was ultimately nothing short of a success. “It’s just a really neat story,” she said.

So what’s next? While she waits to hear about a potential “Kim of Queens” Season 3, Gravel said she is busy writing an instructional book about confidence, guest-starring on “Steve Harvey,” and in her spare time, training the future, potential Miss Universe 2014.

“My whole focus is going towards her this last corner of the year. I’m excited about it,” said Gravel of her new client, the 21-year-old Miss Turks and Caicos, Shanice Williams. “I get a lot of people wanting coaching, but I like her because she is so intellectual. When you get to that level there is no cellulite. Everybody has big boobs, but it's the big brain that is hard to come by, and she’s got the full package.”

“Kim of Queens” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.