The Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, an organization founded in 1968 to serve the legacy of the African-American Civil Rights Movement leader, is making a specific plea on Martin Luther King Jr. Day this year. 

In honor of Dr. King's birthday and the annual observed day of remembrance, the Atlanta-based organization has shared their desire to have "no shots fired" on Jan. 20th. "Let's honor Dr. King by abstaining from violence on his holiday," reads the organizations statement.

The King Center, which has publicized the event with the social media hashtag #ChooseNonViolence, has requested the employment of three nonviolent tactics during the annual holiday. "Guns. Abstain from gun violence, violence in the media: music, TV, movie and video games," reads the site, which also warns against the use of violent speech ("tongue") and physical violence ("fist").

Earlier this month, Bernice A. King, the CEO of The King Center and the youngest child of Dr. King, announced the organization's decision to participate in the 2014 holiday by emphasizing and teaching the idea "Choose Nonviolence" to the public and within the center's educational programs. "We will commemorate the 85th birthday anniversary of my father with an array of exciting and uplifting programs and events to encourage people everywhere to choose nonviolence, particularly young people,” said King in a press release.