Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill intentionally crashed his car into a neighbor's garage after obliging a dare, late Tuesday evening.

Ran my SUV through my neighbor's garage door at 2am. Lucky me, I bought the house a couple weeks ago. Unlucky me, my hood is destroyed, Followill tweeted.

Followill says he was not drunk when the incident happened but rather was challenged to do so.

I wasn't drinking. It was a dare. I obliged my audience, he wrote.

According to Followill, he purchased the neighboring home, which is vacated and moments away from being demolished, and apparently wanted to help the demolition experts.

The house is going to be demolished in a couple of weeks. Why does the construction company get to have all the fun? he said.

Followill and friend Nick Brown of MONA apparently are making the demolition a sort of game, as Followill said Brown had punched all the windows out that evening. The pair have been tweeting back and forth about their plans to continue destroying the house.

I got some fireworks,spray paint,eggs,toliet paper & ski masks. Tonight is the return to high school. Maybe even junior high, Brown tweeted.

Jared Followill said he will most likely use the extra space after the home is demolished to build a studio, a mancave or maybe a few bowling lanes.

Kings of Leon are set to rock out at their first performance in Vancouver next week since Followill's brother Caleb underwent a public breakdown during a show in Dallas.