As the July release date for “King’s Quest” draws near, more gameplay videos and information about the making of the game have been surfacing online, so it was no surprise seeing the game get showcased at this week's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles. This “King’s Quest” reboot from Sierra Games is the first game in the series in more than 15 years, so fans who’ve missed Daventry will feel right at home when the game arrives.

The episode “A Knight to Remember” has a surprising amount of content for the first episode in an episodic game, but that seems to be the point of “King’s Quest.” According to GameSpot, the story is around 600 pages, which results in plenty of stories and replays, as the game will give players multiple choices that can completely change the adventure.

Players will control a young version of King Graham, who is still trying to earn the right to be a knight for Daventry. According to the trailer below, the story takes place before he reaches Daventry, so even though players might know how it ends, the journey of the game is one worth exploring.

According to VG247, the gameplay is an interesting mix of the old-school adventure games that was popular in the early 1990s, and some platforming that will test the player’s responsiveness to the events that surround the game. Since it's an adventure game, there will of course be plenty of dialogue trees, a couple of which can lead to incredibly different results, depending on who the player is talking to.

Throughout the first episode, players will encounter a wide variety of knights and creatures, as if it were a fantasy book or an older Disney cartoon. The voice of actor Christopher Lloyd, as the older King Graham, adds to the timeless effect that the game is clearly going for.

“King’s Quest” will be coming out episodically, starting in July. The game will be available for Sony's PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, Microsoft's Xbox One and Xbox 360, and the Windows PC.