Actress Kirstie Alley will be making an appearance on Oprah this Thursday to talk about her recent weight gain.

Alley, 58, has been making headlines in the past decades for her yo-yo figure and battle to lose weight and keep it off with her weight has now reaching a record high.

Alley, a former spokesperson for weight loss empire Jenny Craig, has spent countless hours defending her curves and admitting she has a weight problem.

Kirstie's sudden weight gain comes just months after Valerie Bertinelli showed off her pin-thin figure in a revealing bikini. Bertinelli, still a spokeswoman for the Jenny Craig program, attributed her weight loss to the program and is a huge advocate for Jenny Craig weight loss.

Bertinelli has only been thin for a few months, though, and Kirstie Alley has seen moments in the past when she was super thin.

Everyone is now praising Valerie and putting Kirstie down.

The tables could reverse, Alley could again shed her extra pounds and Bertinelli balloon up.