Reality star Kourtney Kardashian celebrated the Fourth of July with her kids, but her longtime boyfriend Scott Disick -- the father of her children -- was nowhere to be seen after allegations surfaced that he’s been cheating with ex-girlfriend Chloe Bartoli. The Fourth of July weekend came just days after suspicious photos surfaced of Disick and Bartoli in Monaco.

On Saturday, Kardashian posted a patriotic photo of herself and daughter Penelope. She held her 2-year-old daughter with one arm while waving an American flag with the other. The pair posed beachside in Malibu, California. Meanwhile, Disick was thousands of miles away in Monaco, TMZ reported.

Disick was spotted with Bartoli on several occasions last week. Some photos showed the pair sharing a lounge chair while sunbathing. Over a meal, Disick kept his hand on Bartoli’s bare back. The affectionate gestures have fueled rumors that he is either cheating or that he and Kardashian have separated.

Neither Kardashian nor Disick has issued a statement to clarify the situation. Kardashian seemed to be going about her business in California. When the photos of Disick surfaced, she didn’t openly react but merely posted a photo from a firing range where she appeared to be practicing her target-shooting skills. Later, she shared an adorable snap of a pajama party with her kids.

Disick has not been seen in California recently -- whether alone or with his family. TMZ reports that Kardashian is angry about the photos of Disick and Bartoli in Europe. But E! News spotted Kardashian on Friday as she went out wearing a midriff-baring top and tight jeans.

Various theories have emerged about the couple's relationship. Some media outlets are speculating that the pair separated prior to Disick’s European vacation.