Kris Humphries looked so miserable and gloomy when he was photographed landing in NYC on Monday - two weeks after his estranged Kim Kardashian filed for divorce.

According to, a source revealed that Kris was “wallowing in misery with his beer” during the night.

Kris went to Serafina, the restaurant he used to go to with Kim. However, this time he went with several of his friends.

Even though Kris was surrounded by his friends, he still looked sad without Kim.

“He was with three guys and one girl, who was married to one of his friends,” a source . “It was really sad because he sat the same table that he used to sit at with Kim. They had a special table by the fire oven that they always sat at, so it was weird to see him there without her.”

“He seemed really sad,” a witness told . “He was talking low and seemed very mellow. His friends seemed to be supporting him.”

“He just seemed lonely and sullen,” the witness added. “He’s been through so much. He must feel in over his head. His friends were trying to help him, trying to be good friends, trying to be upbeat.”

“Kris was drinking beers,” the witness continued. “He was kind of wallowing in misery with his beers.”

His friends looked like they were giving him encouragement...they were trying to cheer him up. a Serafina observer told Us.

Kris has claimed he was blindsided by Kardashian's Halloween divorce filing. However, a Kardashian's friend told Us that the couple had discussed the split for many times. Kris and Kim spoke about breaking up many times...He was not blindsided by the divorce, just by the filing on that exact date.