Kris Jenner claims she never saw ex-husband Bruce Jenner’s gender transition coming. The 65-year-old Olympic champion is currently believed to be taking the necessary steps to become a woman. At present he is rumored to have undergone multiple plastic surgeries and received numerous rounds of hormone therapy.

Kris and Bruce were married for 22 years and together for nearly 25, but according to TMZ, he never told her of a desire to become a woman during that time. Sources tell the site the onetime "world's greatest athlete" spoke briefly about his “tendency” to wear women’s clothes years ago, but never expressed wanting to be a woman. The site adds that while he admitted that he occasionally wore female clothing, Kris never saw him do so. They also say he never admitted to being transgender until after their divorce in December 2014.

A source close to Bruce says that is a fabrication. TMZ writes that Kris was well aware of his desires. In February 2015 the site reported that Kris had been told her husband “had issues with his sexual identity” before they tied the knot. The source added that Bruce hoped to transition years ago. The family reportedly kept it a secret so it wouldn’t “hurt the brand” the Kardashians have established.

ABC recently confirmed that Bruce would be conducting a tell-all interview on the network. On Friday, the former Kardashian patriarch will sit down with Diane Sawyer to discuss his journey to becoming a woman and more. Previews for the two-hour interview leave much to the imagination, though one quick clip does suggest that this is something Bruce has always felt in his heart, while another reveals he held off to avoid hurting his family. Sources believe “Bruce Jenner: The Interview” will serve as a lead-in to a rumored series documenting his transition in depth.

Kris is said to be nervous about her former husband conducting the interview as she is unsure of what he’ll say about her. The site says she is ready to sue him should he make any defamatory statements about her character or speak ill of her.