Kristen Stewart has a vulnerable side.

After revealing that she was a “miserable c*nt” even when she’s happy, Kristen Stewart, 22, is now saying that she’s sensitive in an interview with the Irish website

The “Twilight” star has been criticized for her acting, with some saying that she wears the same expression the entire time, and it seemed to be true in her personal life too: She was always miserable.

Maybe her cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders humbled her, because now Kristen Stewart has admitted her vulnerability.

The typically hard-around-the-edges actress opened up about her “On the Road” character in an interview where she compared Marylou's personality to hers.

"Just because you understand something, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t touch you," Stewart said. "She could overcome things that hurt, but she still was hurt, but she could understand the hurt and love it as well and learn from it. She never really took anything as malicious, it was just who they were, they couldn’t help themselves and she couldn’t help herself some of the time."

"She had a very acute understanding of that and she was so evolved. I am much more sensitive and possibly more vulnerable than her."

It seems that Kristen Stewart does have another side to her.

Maybe her new-found vulnerability will help mend her relationship with Robert Pattinson, which has reportedly been quite rocky ever since they got back together.

Reports have said that Pattinson is having a hard time trusting Stewart again ever since she cheated on him and only came clean about her infidelities when she was photographed by the paparazzi.