Kristen Stewart has come a long way since her days as Bella Swan in “Twilight.” The actress admits that she doesn’t really reminisce about the experience often.

During an appearance on the “Ellen Degeneres Show,” Stewart was asked about her thoughts on starring in the vampire movies. The actress first joked that her immediate memory of it is “uncomfortable” hair extensions. On a more serious note though, the actress said she’s grateful for being part of the franchise. She added that she knows many people were emotionally invested in the “Twilight” saga and that she was as well. However, she said she was very young at the time, so she did not know how to deal with the fame that came with playing the part.

The actress did not address rumors that there will be a “Twilight” remake during the interview and that she will return to reprise her role. She did, however, say in previous interviews that she’s more picky when it comes to projects, according to Gossip Cop. Still, the actress has not shut down the possibility that she will play Bella again.

There have been rumors that the movie series is going to be remade, although a confirmation is yet to be given. Ashley Greene, Stewart’s co-star in the original films, has given her thoughts about the rumors, telling Digital Spy that she’s flattered and excited that there are talks about a reboot.

Greene also opened up about the fame that came with being part of the film. “It was one of my first films that I did and the attention that I got for Alice was a bit overwhelming at times,” Greene said. “I can’t imagine what it’s like being in Kristen’s shoes and it’s not something you really get used to.”