Kristen Stewart reportedly became enraged after being asked a spoiler question about the last “Twilight” movie.

During a press conference for “Breaking Dawn: Part 2,” a reporter accidentally gave away the super-secret surprise ending that Twi-hards have been dying for, gossip website Perez Hilton reported.

The reporter started out by saying, “The montage at the end of the movie kind of sums up …”

Stewart quickly cut him off, saying, “Whoa, hey,” and even shooshing him. She reminded the reporter that he was giving away spoilers.

“Everyone might be watching this, don’t listen to anything that he’s staying right now.”

After realizing that the reporter wasn’t asking anything out of line, she joked around with him and even pretended to leave the session for a moment.

The reporter reiterated after Stewart sat back down again:

“It kind of summed up everything you’ve been working on and everything that you’ve been doing for the past few years. What was it like seeing that?”

At first, Stewart couldn’t seem to find the words to describe it, and then finally said, “I actually saw it awhile ago … I wish I had a better way to say it -- it’s crazy, it’s so crazy.

“You typically don’t get the opportunity to look back. I saw it again recently -- I just saw the final cut … it was a good thing no one was around.

“I love that Bill [the director] really put his finger on what drives this thing … he wasn’t shying away from anything … it’s romantic, that’s what’s attractive about it, it’s what’s stirring [about the movie.] If anyone was going to be cool about it, it would have been a shame … Bill really lent himself to it.

“I think you can see that at the end … you can tell that he’s a fan of the story. It’s a nice knife twist at the end [and] I love Bill for doing that.”