Justin Price, director of the upcoming werewolf movie “Dark Moon Rises,” feels that “Twilight” actress Kristen Stewart is among one of the most “fearless” females of Hollywood. Price also praised the “Twilight” franchise and said that the series has so many positives.

Price talked to reporter Jessica Harmon from MoviePilot, who asked him if he thinks that the “Twilight” films “hurt the werewolf genre” because they projected the wolves in a docile way. However, Price does not seem to think so. The director believes that “Twilight” franchise actually “brought about diversity amongst its cast” and featured “talented leading men” like Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson.

Price also added that “Twilight” was blessed to have “one of the more fearless actresses in Kristen Stewart.” The series had “so many positives” that it can never let anyone down, said the director. “Forget the fact that its hard to make a film, but any film that gives us a way to come together to root for heroes and to escape into our imaginations is a great film."

Price's new film "Dark Moon Rising" is a werewolf thriller and is scheduled for an Aug. 4 release. The film stars Eric Roberts, Billy Blanks and Mikki Padilla and tells the story of a “group of shape-shifting werewolves” who visit a small town to search for a special girl, according to IMDB. This type of girl, who is born every 2000 years, has special powers that will help the werewolves survive in future. The werewolves will do anything to get to her, even if it means killing everyone who comes in their way.

The film will premiere at the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, Price tells the website, adding that they have a special plan for the release day.