It was a “Twilight” get-together of sorts for Kristen Stewart as she reunited with her fellow thespian Taylor Lautner at the premiere of her movie, “American Ultra.”

The former co-stars, also known as Jacob Black and Bella Swan in the “Twilight” movies, shared amazing chemistry at the red carpet and also smiled for photographers as they walked the red carpet in Los Angeles Wednesday. Launter was invited by Stewart at the premiere of her movie.

"He's ... one of my best friends," Stewart told E! News, "so I just thought, 'Come and see the movie and hang out.'"

For the premiere of her movie, Stewart wore a black and pink printed romper suit with a plunging neckline, while Launter looked dapper in a V-neck white t-shirt and a blazer. The two stars were last spotted together at the Sam Smith concert in January, People reported.

Stewart's co-star in the film, Jesse Eisenberg, was also present at the premiere along with other cast members: Topher Grace and his fiancee Ashley Hinshaw, Connie Britton and writer Max Landis. Stewart and Eisenberg play a stoner couple in the action movie, which will hit theaters Friday.

However, the first reviews of the movie are in and critics have note given it a great rating. The New York Daily News has given “American Ultra” two out of five stars and also called it a “letdown.”

“This stoners-meet-government-assassins mashup is as meandering and paranoid as a guy toking up in front of City Hall. Sometimes that’s amusing, but most of the time it’s tiring,” Joe Neumaier wrote on the website.

The Associated Press has applauded the on-screen chemistry of Eisenberg and Stewart, and also called the flick as "half 'Pineapple Express,' half 'The Bourne Identity'."

However, the critic Jake Coyle wrote that “American Ultra” is “not as good as either” of the two movies. Variety magazine too called the movie as “earnest yet unsatisfying adaptation of a cult graphic novel, with most of the charm lost in translation.”

Eisenberg and Stewart first appeared together in the 2009 comedy, “Adventureland.” They will next be seen in director Woody Allen's yet-untitled project.