Kristen Stewart will play Snow White in the upcoming movie Snow White and the Huntsman, joining a long list of actresses who have played the classic fairy tale princess.

Lily Collins will play Snow White in the film Mirror Mirror, set for release in March 2012. Ginnifer Goodwin plays Snow White in the new TV series Once Upon a Time. 

Funny gal Amanda Bynes played the title character in the 2007 film Sydney White, a comedy about a college freshman who befriends seven nerds. 

Kristin Kreuk played Snow White in the 2001 television movie Snow White: The Fairest of Them All. Camryn Manheim played Snow White in two episodes of the 2000 TV series The 10th Kingdom. Elizabeth McGovern played Snow White for a 1984 Faerie Tale Theatre TV episode. 

Betty Boop played Snow White in a 1933 animated film. Marguerite Clark played Snow White in the 1916 silent film. 

Here's a look at actresses who have played Snow White. Who's the fairest one of all?