An Oklahoma woman brandished a knife at her elderly neighbor, police say, after initially claiming the 72-year-old man told neighbors her secret: that she has sex with her cat.

Kristina Michelle Brown, 23, was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon by Oklahoma City Police, after authorities were called to her neighbor’s home Monday night.

The victim claimed Brown was standing on the fence line between their houses, yelling threateningly for him to come outside, according to the police report of the incident obtained by the Smoking Gun. Brown allegedly repeatedly asked her neighbor, “Do you wanna die?”

The neighbor, identified by the Smoking Gun as Elmer Morrison, was about 15 feet away from Brown when he noticed she had a silver pocket knife in her left hand. He then went back into his home and called police, the complaint stated.

When authorities interviewed Brown, “her comments were very random and pertained nothing to the subject at hand,” the report goes on to say.

After being asked why she was upset, Brown said “because of what he did to me” and “because everyone knows."

“I had sex with my cat and everyone knows,” Brown told an officer.

That response left the cop dumbfounded, and the officer asked what role the victim had in Brown “having sex with her cat."

“She said there was no connection; she was just mad because everyone knows,” according to the report. “She said [the victim] does not know about what she did with the cat, she is just mad at him [and] wants him to die.”

Brown was then taken to the Oklahoma County Jail and booked on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Morrison told the Smoking Gun he was unaware of Brown’s statements to police.

“This is news to me,” the retired salesman told the website. He said he hardly speaks to Brown, whom he described as sometimes appearing “glassy-eyed.”