Tyga’s former girlfriend, Blac Chyna, is using their son King Cairo to get back with the rapper, Hollywood Life reported Thursday. The news comes amid reports that Tyga and his current girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, are planning on a date and time to go public with their relationship.

“Blac Chyna has tried everything to break Kylie and Tyga up and nothing has worked,” a source told Hollywood Life. Chyna was reportedly the reason behind Jenner and Tyga’s brief split after she leaked personal messages with Tyga, giving rise to speculation that he wanted to get back with her. However, even after reports of Tyga’s plans to propose to Jenner, Chyna has not given up hopes of getting back with her former lover.

“Her only hope is that Tyga comes back to her because of King,” the source reportedly said. “She knows he loves him [and that] he misses seeing him." The source also said that Chyna "sends Tyga videos of King and she always makes sure that she’s sort of in the videos" so that Tyga "has to look at her and King together."

“She tries to show him what he’s missing out on,” the source told Hollywood Life, adding that Chyna knows how much Tyga is attached to their 2-year-old son. “That’s really the only thing she’s got over Kylie and she’s trying to use it to her advantage.”

Meanwhile, it appears that the feud between Chyna and Jenner will not end any time soon after the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star got a giant red lips-shaped birthday cake to poke fun at Chyna. However, Chyna reportedly thinks that the act turned out to be embarrassing for Jenner.

“Kylie’s cake made Blac Chyna laugh, she thinks it made Kylie look foolish,” another source told Hollywood Life. “She doesn’t get why Kylie’s friends would want to shade her like that with big fake lips on her cake. She thinks it was embarrassing for Kylie, so that made her happy. That was probably the one thing about the whole birthday weekend that made her happy, that and the fact that it wasn’t at her house.”

Since Jenner celebrated her 18th birthday Monday, the two women have been slamming each other. On Tuesday, reports surfaced that Tyga threatened Chyna to stop “trash talking” about Jenner.

According to sources, Chyna is waiting to see the reality TV star in tears when her gift from Tyga -- a $320,000 Ferrari 482 Italia -- is taken away, as she believes that the 25-year-old rapper cannot afford the car and that it would get "repossessed."