Caitlyn Jenner and Kris Jenner have decided not to stop Kylie from marrying her rapper boyfriend, Tyga, but they will keep an eye on her finances. The news comes amid reports that Tyga is facing financial troubles and unable to pay rent, Hollywood Life reported.

Caitlyn and Kris “have a very tight grip over some of Kylie’s assets, and they certainly would have a big say in how she plans her financial future. Kylie’s their baby and they love her so much and want to ensure that the money she has made thus far will last her until the day she dies, and then some,” a source told Hollywood Life

“Kris and Caitlyn are both breathing a sigh of relief now that Kylie’s 18. They’re both comfortable with her relationship with Tyga. He’s a-ok in their books,” another source told Hollywood Life.

Last month, reports surfaced that Caitlyn and Kris wanted their daughter to take things slowly with Tyga after rumors surfaced that the rapper was cheating on his girlfriend with transgender model Mia Isabella. Now reports claim that Caitlyn and Kris are backing Kylie.

“Over the many months they’ve spent with him, he’s been nothing but a pure and perfect gentlemen toward Kylie and the family. He makes Kylie smile. He makes her happy. She can’t stop talking about him. Kris and Caitlyn don’t want to ever take her joy away. Kylie’s an adult now and they’ve both agreed to give Kylie her wings and let her fly,” the source reportedly said.

According to Radar Online, Kris wants Kylie and Tyga to publicly announce their relationship on their show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." But, "Tyga wants to do it on his show 'Kingin’ With Tyga' because the ratings are not doing so great,” a source reportedly said. The couple is reportedly planning on the date and place to formally confirm their relationship.

"Kris has never really had an episode yet that focuses primarily on Kylie, but that is all about to change because she knows now how there are so many fans that only care about what is going on with Kylie now," the source told Radar Online. “The producers for KUWTK want to spin the episode into a ‘friends become lovers’ sort of thing even though they know that people already believe that Kylie and Tyga were together all along.”

Meanwhile, Tyga's former girlfriend Blac Chyna has also reportedly claimed that Tyga is undergoing a financial crisis and is not capable of affording the expensive gifts that he gifted Kylie for her eighteenth birthday. Tyga gave a white Ferrari worth $320,000 and "thousands of dollars worth of luxury lingerie from Agent Provocateur, Bordelle and Pleasurements,” according to Hollywood Life.

Chyna reportedly said that Kylie will be in tears when her birthday present is taken away from her. "Blac knows Tyga can’t afford that car. And in her heart, Blac feels it’s only a matter of time before Tyga takes the car back and tries to trade it because he can’t make the payments, or worse -- it will be repossessed,” Hollywood Life reported earlier, citing a source.