Model Blac Chyna likes to indirectly call out reality star Kylie Jenner on Instagram since she started dating rapper Tyga, but now she’s taken things to a new level. The former stripper broke into the teenager’s house with Tyga’s aid, Hollywood Life wrote.

“Blac had a field day inside the house. She walked through every single room critiquing the place, mostly saying s--- like ‘that’s ugly’ and ‘this girl has no taste, '” an insider told Hollywood Life in an exclusive report Tuesday. “She went into King’s room, looked around and everything was in order and to her standards. She was actually quite pleased with the house and King’s room and thought it was kid-friendly. But as far as Kylie’s taste, Blac almost threw up at it.”

Blac, 27, wanted to see the room where the son she shares with Tyga, King Cairo, 2, would stay. “After weeks of Tyga telling Blac ‘no’ and how disrespectful that would be to Kylie, he finally budged,” an insider said. “He knew Kylie would be preoccupied with doing things for the ESPYs and he saw that as an opportunity and allowed Blac to come inside when Kylie wasn’t home.”

At the time this story was written, it wasn’t revealed if Jenner knew that Blac was in her house.

Jenner, 17, doesn’t normally write personal posts on social media. Instead she opts for cryptic messages, but put a stop to that Monday night. The reality star said that she couldn’t sleep, and would try sharing her thoughts with her 10.4 million Twitter followers. She thought the response was “cute” and decided to dish on subjects like online bullies and education.

Aside from her thoughts, Kylie has also promoted her PacSun clothing line.

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