Now that Bruce Jenner has officially transitioned into Caitlyn Jenner, his kids remain anxious about the changes. Kylie Jenner took the opportunity to spend some time bonding with her dad. They went indoor skydiving before he officially became a woman. E! Online shared a clip from the father-daughter adventure, which was taken while shooting “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

In the video, Kylie and Bruce walk into an indoor sky diving facility called iFly. Bruce says that it’s a good opportunity for both of them to do something that neither of them has done before. He even jokes around that Kylie has been hanging around too much with her sisters and it’s time for her to have a little adventure and try something new.

“Do we have a mental exam?” asks Bruce. The facilitator in the center says that one needs to be a little bit crazy to want to go indoor skydiving, so they should be OK. They each put on their safety suits, which are described as "onesie pajamas." They put on their helmets and watch as other people get in the tunnel to do some flips and other risky moves.

Kylie goes first and gets in the wind tunnel with an iFly instructor. Bruce coaches her from outside and reminds her to keep her head up and hands out. Kylie starts to float up and down the tube and successfully skydives indoors.

Bruce takes his turn and immediately gets into it. The former athlete manages to float up right away and the instructor spins him around in circles. Kylie watches her dad and exclaims that she wants to spin around too. She gets her turn and the instructor spins her around like her dad. The father and daughter clearly have a lot of fun during their small adventure together.

While in Montana on a ski trip with her siblings in February, Kylie wanted to do a lot of high-adrenaline runs on the ski slopes. She forced her sister Khloe to join her. Kylie booked a heli-skiing adventure and a terrified Khloe was forced to join her. At the end of the trip, Kylie missed her dad and realized that despite all the changes, Bruce is still the same guy that she can turn to when she needs an adrenaline fix and adventure partner.