Money and fame have apparently gone to Kylie Jenner’s head. The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star is accused of having an ego that’s so inflated she has alienated her friends, Radar Online wrote in an exclusive report Friday.

Jenner, 18, reportedly acts like the people around her are on the Kardashian-Jenner payroll. “She treats everyone like they’re staff,” an insider told Radar Online. “Her ego is so out of control it’s unreal.”

More than that, she was accused of enjoying being argumentative. “Kylie picks fights with everyone,” a different source said. “She’s the most rude and condescending person you could meet -- it’s like she irritates people just for the fun of it.”

If a friend isn’t in pristine condition in her presence, she’ll make note of it, reported Radar Online. “She’ll point out if someone’s put on weight or they look rough, she gives ‘judgments’ on what they’re wearing,” said the insider. “She loves nothing better than trashing everyone them all.”

Kylie Jenner Kylie Jenner walking in the Yeezy fashion show Feb. 12, 2015. Photo: Getty Images

This isn’t the first time Jenner has battled rumors that she is entitled. Kim Kardashian West had a sit down with her youngest sister about her behavior during a Season 11 episode of “KUWTK.” Kardashian West confronted her sibling after hearing Jenner made people wait at photoshoots. “I heard from a couple of people that you’re a little diva on set. I don’t want you to have a bad rep and be the wild one.”

Part of the reason Kardashian West wanted to talk to her little sister -- aside from getting Jenner's ego in check -- was because she was slated to walk in Kanye West’s Yeezus fashion show. “I’ve been hearing things like Kylie makes people wait because she’s on her phone and when she’s at photo shoots she brings a ton of friends,” Kardashian West said in her confessional. “I just want Kylie to know just because Kanye is family this isn’t a casual situation and she has to be professional.”

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