Tyga plans to propose to his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, at her new $2.7 million mansion, reports said Monday, citing sources. The news comes just days after reports surfaced that Jenner was spying on Tyga after he was photographed with a blonde woman.

The 25-year-old rapper is reportedly waiting for Jenner to turn 18, so he can pop the question to her.

Tyga reportedly considers Jenner’s new mansion in Calabasas, California, “their home.”

“Tyga‘s not only in love with Kylie, he’s also in love with her new mansion. It’s their first home together. And yes, Tyga considers it his home too,” a source told Hollywood Life. “He wants to make so many lasting memories there with her, including proposing to her there.

“He thinks that would be so romantic and sweet. He can picture them sitting outside by the fire, talking and he just asks her,” the source said. “He really loves that girl and wants everything he does to be meaningful and sentimental. That would be a proposal that Kylie would never forget and one she’s absolutely would say yes to.”

Some reports speculated that Tyga may soon move in with the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star after he built a playroom for his son King Cairo at the mansion. Tyga’s former girlfriend and the mother of his child, Blac Chyna, reportedly does not have a problem with Tyga’s latest move.

“Blac has no choice but to allow that. She would never prevent Tyga from seeing his son,” another source told Hollywood Life. “King’s old enough to know and understand that Blac’s his mother. She’s not worried anymore about Kylie interfering in her boy’s life. That just won’t happen.”

Despite the strong relationship between Tyga and Jenner, Chyna thinks that the former is using the teen reality TV star for her money.

“If she [Kylie] can’t see that Tyga’s using her, she’s even more foolish than she looks,” a source told Hollywood Life in another report last week. “But, hey, Blac doesn’t care. She’s not interested in using her dollars to take care of a grown man.”

Chyna and Jenner have been feuding since the latter got in a relationship with Tyga. Chyna was reportedly the reason behind Jenner and Tyga’s split in April. Troubles between the two erupted after Chyna posted personal messages of her conversation with Tyga on social media, giving rise to speculation that Tyga wanted her back.

Recently, reports claimed that Jenner wanted to know more about Tyga’s “extracurricular activities” after he was spotted taking a Limousine ride with a blonde woman last month. She reportedly asked her mother Kris Jenner to spy on her boyfriend.