Lady Gaga’s long lost shoe has resurfaced just in time to be auctioned off; the single right-foot, silver Emporio Armani platform will go on sale at the Drouot Richelieu auction house in Paris, Feb. 11, according to the Daily Mail.

Made of metallic leather, the shoe features a chunky platform sole, a six-inch stiletto and jagged detailing.

Gaga, known for her bold style choices, wore the shoe, as a pair, in concert at the Bercy stadium in Paris on Dec. 19, 2010, during her "Monster Ball" tour, where she threw it into the crowd.

The stiletto was unaccounted for until now and could sell for as much as $6,491 (5,000 euros) at the auction, according to WWD.

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The whereabouts of the left shoe are apparently unknown.

A fan of Giorgio Armani, Lady Gaga also wore his designs for her 2012 "Born This Way" tour.

“Collaborating with Lady Gaga is always an exciting experience for me,” Armani told WWD in April.

“I admire the way she uses fashion as a scenic element and as a means to build a character. She is an artist of many talents and great intelligence.”

The stiletto is among a collection of items being auctioned in the "L’Homme et son Univers" ("Man and his World") sale, including a black felt fedora made for Michael Jackson in 1984 and a red leather Smythson writing set that belonged to Marilyn Monroe, according to the Mail.

Lady Gaga recently became the owner of several items that once belonged to Jackson that she won at auction, including his “Bad” jacket and a pair of his white, spangled gloves that she acquired earlier this week.

She tweeted Dec. 2, about the extensive collection she obtained, as well as an image of herself at the sale at Julien's Auctions, an auctioneer specializing in celebrity memorabilia.

“The 55 pieces I collected today will be archived & expertly cared for in the spirit & love of Michael Jackson, his bravery, & fans worldwide,” she tweeted.

On Dec. 1, she retweeted a Jackson quote: “Study the greats and become greater.”