Lamar Odom, whose struggles with addiction came to light last month, has entered a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, People reported on Wednesday, citing sources close to the NBA player.

“He realized he needs help," one source said of the former Los Angeles Clippers forward.

This news comes just days after Odom was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. The 33-year-old was, on Aug. 30, pulled over by law enforcement officers for driving too slowly on California’s Highway 101, and according to TMZ, he showed “obvious signs of intoxication” before his DUI arrest.

The report added that Odom failed multiple sobriety tests and refused to submit to chemical tests when taken to a local police station.

"We gave him plenty of opportunities to recant and submit [to the test], but he refused," Public Information Officer Leland Tang told Us Weekly.

The DUI arrest was just one of many recent incidents that put Odom under the media glare after reports emerged that he cheated on his wife with two other women.

While multiple reports indicated that these claims had caused friction in Odom’s four-year marriage to Kardashian, a TMZ report pointed out that the couple’s problem was mainly because of Odom’s drug problem.

According to reports, Kardashian's threat to kick Odom out of the house if he did not get help for his addiction possibly influenced the NBA player’s decision to check himself into a facility. Kardashian gave the ultimatum soon after Odom’s arrest, when she heard about the incident through the news and not from her husband, TMZ reported.

Khloe is reportedly committed to sticking by Odom as he battles his addiction, a source confirmed to HollywoodLife, quashing rumors that the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star is gearing up to file for divorce.

“Khloe’s not going anywhere. He’s in his marriage as best as he can be. They will work it out — the two of them can handle this!” the source told HollywoodLife.