Troubled NBA free agent Lamar Odom was reportedly arrested early Friday morning and charged with a DUI, as rumors continue to swirl regarding his alleged addiction to crack cocaine.

Odom, 33, was pulled over at 3:54 a.m. Friday by the California Highway Patrol while driving in the San Fernando Valley, TMZ reports. The former Los Angeles Clippers star was arrested for DUI and taken to a local police station, where he was held on $15,000 bail. Police have yet to release his mugshot.

According to law enforcement sources, Odom was pulled over by police for driving too slowly on California’s 101 Freeway. Odom was reportedly traveling at 50 miles per hour, TMZ reports. Khloe Kardashian’s husband reportedly ignored attempts by police to pull him over, driving past three highway exits before acquiescing with the request. According to police, Odom was driving in a “serpentine manner.”

Sources reportedly told TMZ that Odom displayed “obvious signs of intoxication” before his DUI arrest. The 33-year-old failed multiple field sobriety tests and refused to submit to subsequent chemical tests when taken to a local police station.

Law enforcement sources added that police smelled alcohol on Odom and believe that he was under the influence of "both drugs and alcohol" at the time of his arrest. Odom reportedly exhibited signs of drug use, but police did not find drugs or alcohol in his car, TMZ reports.

The DUI arrest is just the latest in a series of reports regarding Lamar Odom’s alleged bizarre behavior. Earlier this month, multiple outlets suggested that Odom’s marriage to Kardashian was in danger after reports that the 33-year-old had been cheating on his reality television star spouse.

However, a report by TMZ later claimed that the couple’s marital problems stemmed from Odom’s alleged addiction to crack cocaine. Kardashian reportedly kicked Odom out of her house when the NBA star ignored an intervention and refused to admit to his alleged drug problem.

Subsequent reports suggested that Odom had been using several drugs, including Oxycontin and crack cocaine, for at least two years before news of his behavior broke. According to TMZ, Odom’s drug use began while he was still a member of the Dallas Mavericks.