Lamar Odom's medical crisis after his hospitalization last month has been filmed for "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." Photos of the filming at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in West Hollywood, California, where Odom is receiving care after his drug overdose, were posted by Radar Online Thursday.

"The family filmed with their crew this morning in Cedars Sinai," a source told Radar Online about the photos. “They used hand held cameras and wires and just went for it.”

A second source told Radar Online that people close to Khloé Kardashian’s estranged husband were disappointed that the ex-NBA star agreed to film for the show with his wife and her other family members. "It's so sad he is doing this," the insider said.

The filming was reportedly done despite Odom not signing “up for the show or anything, but that doesn't matter to them,” the source reportedly said.

Earlier, rumors surfaced that the Kardashian clan had put cameras inside the hospital, where Odom was first admitted after being found unconscious at a brothel in Las Vegas, to film his medical crisis.

"It's [a] s--- show," a source previously told Radar Online about filming in Sunrise Hospital. "The Kardashians are trying to run everything. They walked into the hospital with cameras rolling. It was shocking, but hardly a surprise."

OK! magazine had also reported earlier that filming crew had been spotted at Odom’s hospital.

Khloé has been with him since his hospitalization, but according to the magazine, Kris Jenner has demanded the former to get to work.

“Kris doesn’t think Khloé needs to be by Lamar’s side 24/7 now that his condition has improved,” a source told Life & Style, according to OK! magazine. The momager “has been telling Khloé that she needs to get back to work promoting her new book, Strong Looks Better Naked, her app and her website,” the source reportedly said, adding that Jenner is “worried Khloé will miss out on a lot of opportunities because of Lamar.”

Meanwhile, reports surfaced that Odom hopes to return home from the hospital before Thanksgiving Day end of this month.

"[Lamar Odom] is getting very antsy and claustrophobic with the hospital surroundings he has been accustomed to of late and he is dreading to spend time in the hospital during Thanksgiving. He would love nothing more than to have a full Thanksgiving dinner and enjoy watching football with friends. It just isn’t going to be the same in a hospital room,” a source told Hollywood Life.

Khloé called off her divorce with Odom following his hospitalization on Oct. 13. However, she has continued to date Houston Rockets guard James Harden. Reports also surfaced that Harden is trying to keep distance from his girlfriend as he is tired of the drama revolving around Odom. Khloé is also reportedly "emotionally drained" dating Harden and caring for Odom at the same time.