Things keep getting worse for Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom now he supposedly has a sex tape of him with a third woman that might be released. Most people know by now that the NBA star has been accused of cheating on Kardashian with different women and now a third is in the picture.

Odom has been suffering with drug addiction, according to various reports, but a sex tape with a third woman might be too much for Kardashian to handle. She’s been by her man’s side, and able to overlook his infidelity for now because of his addiction, but this tape could be her breaking point.

Perez Hilton cited a source that said:

“[Khloe] wasn’t going to leave Lamar. She was trying to get him help and work on forgiving him in an attempt to save their marriage. But this is just too much for her to deal with. Khloe still loves Lamar, but the emotional hits just keep coming.”

 The third woman’s name hasn’t been released yet, but she’s a Hip-hop dancer, the celebrity blogger wrote. She now joins Polina Polonsky and Jennifer Richardson as the women who claim to have had affairs with the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star’s husband.

The youngest K sister recently took to Twitter, where she seemed to address her marriage, and said that even though she may wish she were made of steel she isn’t. If this humiliating tape is real it might be too much for her to bear.

The Kardashians have a history of being able to turn sex tapes into a career booster, so there might be a tiny silvering to the devastating rumor.

The 29-year-old hasn’t responded to the allegations, and instead posted a cute Instagram picture to Twitter with the hashtag: #BigHairDontCare and added, “My spirit animal.”