A photographer whose equipment Lamar Odom trashed in July filed a lawsuit against the former Los Angeles Clippers player on Tuesday, according to reports.

Stefan Saad, the photographer who filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court, said in the filing that he was questioning Odom about allegations that he cheated on wife Khloe Kardashian when the basketball player flew into a rage, took out the camera equipment from the photographer's car and trashed it, Radar Online reported.

The entire incident was caught on tape.

Saad is suing Odom for assault, conversion and trespass of property, and is seeking more than $565,000 in damages. This includes $15,000 for wrecking his camera equipment; $50,000 for lost work; $500,000 for emotional distress; attorney fees and other unspecified punitive damages.

The lawsuit, according to E!Online, claims that Saad has been suffering from panic attacks and the onset of panic disorder following Odom's outburst. Saad also blames Kardashian -- who took to her Twitter account following the July incident to blame the paparazzi for intruding on their privacy and trespassing on private property -- for trying to minimize the gravity of her husband’s actions by “blaming the victim.”

“The Kardashians clan has apparently come to believe that it is above the law, and has some exceptional privilege to disregard the rights of others,” the lawsuit read.

“These posts were untrue and were intended to intimidate Mr. Saad and subject him to obloquy. Mr. Saad has never trespassed onto defendant’s property, and has not engaged in any hit & run. These posts were clearly an attempt by Ms. Kardashian to blame the victim and rationalize her husband’s behavior through lies,” the lawsuit read.