Lamar Odom's father, Joe Odom, is speaking out after being denied access to his son's hospital room. It has been reported that Joe was at Lamar's side while he was at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas. But now that the former NBA star is in Los Angeles, his father claims someone is intentionally trying to keep him away and he believes he knows who.

TMZ caught up with Joe outside Cedars-Sinai, where Lamar, 35, is currently being treated. He told the site he had tried to visit his son's room, only to be told that he wasn't on the visitor list. Joe claims his absence from the list is Khloé Kardashian's doing and he's not happy about it. He told the gossip site he was told by Lamar's publicist that he was on the visitor list, but was turned away twice.

"I'm upset," the elder Odom said. "This is the second time I came to see my son, and they won't let me see my son. You know, it's a lot of sabotage. Why can't I see my son? I brung him in the world. I'm highly upset right now."  

On Oct. 14, Joe spoke to Hollywood Life about his son's condition. He told the publication he was extremely "depressed" because of what had happened, adding that he suspected foul play. Joe said he was certain someone had "drugged" Lamar during his stay at Love Ranch South, the brothel in Pahrump, Nevada, where he was found unconscious. Odom told Hollywood Life there was "no way" his son had partied that hard.

"There's no way he's down there partying crazy like that. No way. I knew something was wrong because I've been calling him all day and he hasn't been answering. I'm depressed right now -- this is messed up!" he said. 

Lamar Odom is said to have been taking an herbal Viagra supplement during his stay at Love Ranch. Nye County sheriff's officers later found that he had traces of cocaine in his system when he was brought in for treatment. The combination of the illegal drug and the herbal supplement is potentially deadly and is believed to have been a contributing factor in Lamar's condition. Odom awoke from his coma on Oct. 16 after four days with no signs of lasting damage to his brain. He is, however, said to be having kidney failure. He is reportedly undergoing six hours of dialysis daily, though doctors are said to be looking to a transplant to do away with that.