Nearly a month after being found unconscious at a brothel in Las Vegas, suspected to be due to a drug overdose, former Los Angeles Lakers player Lamar Odom is slowly recovering and is expected to enter rehab as early as next week. Reports said that Khloé Kardashian’s husband Odom is currently able to move around with the help of a walker and has been allowed visitors.

“Lamar is doing better slowly but surely,” a source told Us Weekly, adding: “He is still working with lots of therapists. Every day he is relearning how to do more with his motor skills. He is cognitively aware of everything but [it’s] hard to process a lot at once.”

A report by Entertainment Tonight (ET) said that despite being allowed visitors Odom gets to choose who he wishes to see at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. "He is doing better but he has a long road ahead," the source reportedly said.

The ET report also cited a source as saying last week that his brain injury was still considered serious, as Odom is said to have had several strokes before he fell unconscious. "It wasn't just one small stroke, it was a series of strokes," a source had said at the time, adding: "They won't know the extent of the damage for a few months. They need time for the brain swelling to go down."

A report by E! News last month had said that Odom can now swallow his food and is able to talk in complete sentences.

The ET report added that Kardashian visits Odom on a daily basis, despite reports suggesting that there was fight between the two after Odom accused her of using his hospitalization for publicity.

“He thought it was only fair after the Kardashian spin machine went into overdrive in the days after his overdose,” a source had told Radar Online on Thursday, adding: “Khloé made sure she was photographed going into the hospital after those reports came out.”

“Khloé really lit into Lamar and accused him of being ungrateful,” the source also said, adding: “Lamar was stunned by her anger.”

A report on Wednesday also cited a Facebook post by Odom’s cousin Sherae Clark-Williams, who slammed Kardashian for forcing her to sign a non-disclosure agreement when she was visiting him at the Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas. Clark-Williams said in her post that the agreement was for her sister Kim Kardshian’s two-year-old daughter North West.

Kardashian and Odom had signed their divorces in July and had got them dismissed due to Odom’s medical crisis. However, Kardashian is believed to be dating Houston Rockets star James Harden, and was reportedly criticized for visiting him last week.