La’Porsha Renae already has some ideas about where she sees her debut album going. The 22-year-old singer, who lost the Season 15 “American Idol” title to Trent Harmon, told reporters she doesn’t want to box herself into a particular genre and wants to be considered a “versatile” artist.

“I don’t like being boxed in or put into a genre, so to speak,” she explained to several outlets, including Billboard.

While on the show, La’Porsha tackled a range of songs, including Beyoncé’s “Halo,” Sia’s “Elastic Heart” and Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive.”

“I have a lot of written material, and all of it’s different,” she said. “Some records that I have are country, some pop, some alternative rock. I just write what I feel, so I can’t specifically say. I just want to be an artist of truth and an artist that stays true to herself.”

The McComb, Mississippi, native also revealed she hopes to work with “American Idol” Season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson. Clarkson, who returned to the show to guest judge, was a huge fan of La’Porsha’s and said she could see the soulful singer winning the competition.

“I hope that I get to collaborate with her,” La’Porsha  said. “Kelly Clarkson definitely reminds me of Motown. She’s pop, but she’s also very, very soulful. She can just about sing anything she wants, so … that would be a huge blessing.”

As previously reported, La’Porsha revealed Thursday that even though she didn’t walk away from “American Idol” as the winner, she did receive the same record deal she would have gotten if she had won. The single mother is now signed to Big Machine Records, Motown and 19 Entertainment.

“I’m thinking they’re talking about I got a gig or something,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “They were like, ‘Well, you’re signed to Motown and Big Machine and 19 Records anyways.’ I was like ... Wow!”