A well-preserved five-inch long Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth was sold at a Los Angeles auction for $56250, setting a new world record.

Excavated by an unnamed farmer in Garfield County, Montana, it is said to be one of the largest T. Rex teeth ever discovered.

The tooth, measuring 5 1/8 inches (linear measurement) from base to tip, was found in excellent condition and was auctioned at Bonhams in the natural-history theme section.

We are pleased to announce a new world record price for one of the largest individual T. Rex tooth to be offered at public auction. The Telegraph UK reported Thomas Lindgren from Bonhams' natural history department saying.

Following the discovery of the tooth, the only restoration that was required was a simple crack filling which was accomplished by the museum. The epoxy filling has been pigmented so that black light shows the exact location of the restoration. This method maintains the integrity of this exceptional piece for scientific study while stabilizing the fossil and enhancing its aesthetic qualities as well as increasing its monetary value.

Regarded as one of the largest land carnivores to have walked the surface of the earth, T-Rex dinosaurs have fascinated and intrigued humans for decades.