Theresa Roemer is still in shock after her million-dollar closet was robbed. Burglars stripped the 3,000-square-foot space of handbags, furs, jewelry and several other luxury items while Roemer was away from her home in the Texas township of The Woodlands.

The Houston Chronicle reported the theft occurred while the former Miss Texas and her husband, Lamar Roemer, were dining at their country club with friends Friday. Roemer says she returned home to her ransacked closet and broken glass littering the floor. She told the Chronicle the burglar was definitely a professional who strategically planned his entry into the home to access the space known as the “largest closet in America.”

"He was a total professional and he's on tape," Roemer said.

Roemer added the burglar mainly took expensive Hermès Birkin purses and overnight bags as well as all of her jewelry and almost every piece from her and her husband’s watch collections. Several sentimental items were also taken from the home, including a locket that holds a piece of hair from her deceased son, a piece she said is irreplaceable.

"It's the only thing left of my son, and it's gone," she told the Chronicle.

Included in the items lifted from the home are 10 Rolex watches, 10 to 12 Chanel and Cartier watches, the Montgomery County Police Reporter said. Roemer said the items taken were worth $500,000 to $1 million. 

Reports on the incident said the burglar used a glass cutter to put a hole in the bathroom window at the back of the couple’s three-story home. It is believed the thief then used an umbrella from the couple’s patio as well as a few rocks to smash the glass and gain entry. Roemer said she thinks the intruder came in by foot since there is no car visible in the surveillance footage from the cameras around the home during the 40 minutes the robber was inside. The robber wore a full-body jumpsuit and hoodie, covering his entire body during the heist.

The burglary comes just a couple of weeks after Roemer filed a restraining order and defamation lawsuit against stepson Maximilian Roemer, 32. But she says she doesn’t believe he had any part in the robbery. 

The lawsuit alleges Roemer's stepson was upset with her and his father for attempting to evict him from a home owned by the couple. It also claims he spoke negatively about her online. The Chronicle said it was unable to reach Maximilian Roemer.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office says it has the surveillance footage from the home and is investigating the incident. The department says the media coverage the Roemer’s closet has received in the last few months likely contributed to the couple’s home being targeted.

Roemer said she and husband didn’t turn on their alarm before leaving home on Friday night since they were only traveling two blocks away from their house.