The biggest ever EU investment conference got underway on Monday with the start of a four day meeting in Brussels. A total of 30 European countries will prepare around 300 regional development programs for the next seven years worth $630 billion (€500 billion).

Investing in Europe's Regions and Cities-Public and Private Partners for Growth and Jobs is the topic for the talks in which 4 000 attendees from 30 European countries will partake in the fourth session of the OPEN DAYS conference. Debates will held on which modern regional development strategies are recommended to be implemented in Europe between 2007- 2013.

A successful Europe can only grow when it respects the diversity of its territories. At the hour of globalization, regions are the privileged actors to achieve the competitive Europe we strive for, José Manuel Barroso, the president of the European Commission said.

The funding will come from the EU, national, regional and other private sources. Before the OPEN DAYS session is concluded on October 12, the European countries involved will partake in a list of 115 seminars in Brussels.

The OPEN DAYS are organized by the Committee of the Regions, the European Commission's Regional Policy Directorate General and 135 regions and cities from all over Europe.