With the recent discovery of an uncontacted Amazon tribe in Brazil, our attention goes to the tribal people and Brazilian Amazon rainforest.

The Amazon rainforest was home to approximately six million tribal people before 1500 A.D. During the 20th Century, over 90 tribes are reportedly to have gone extinct from the Amazon.

As the forests are rich in natural resources and can accumulate huge sums of money, much of rain forests have been exploited and thus placed rainforest tribes in danger of further extinction. Increasing global warming also accelerates destruction of the rainforest.

 The organization called Survival International has been dedicated to preserving the habitat for current existing tribes. Currently 150 million tribal people live in more than 60 countries across the world. The group believes that tribal people must be protected and their land ownership rights recognized before they, along with the forests, vanish forever.

International Business Times (San Francisco edition) compiled identified Brazilian tribal peoples in Amazon. (The photos, videos, and captions are contributed by Survival International: the movement for tribal peoples.)

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