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2012 Election: Mitt Romney Favored Over Barack Obama To Advance The Technology Industry [FULL TEXT]

Which 2012 Campaign Issues Really Matter To Wall Street Investors?

While the presidential candidates' plans to tackle unemployment, the national debt, health care reform, immigration, gay marriage and gun control might be the topics that have Main Street voters buzzing ahead of this year's election, a new report by the global equity research team at Standard & Poor's shows Wall Street investors have very different policy debates in mind.
arctic ice record

Arctic Sea Ice Coverage Sets Record Low

A prominent pediatric organization points to circumcision's health benefits, but stops short of decreeing that all male infants should go under the knife.
A123's Livonia, Mich. battery plant.

Wanxiang Lifeline For A123 Faces Anti-China Backlash

Chinese conglomerate Wanxiang Qianchao Co. (Shanghai: 000559) is offering a $450 million lifeline to struggling battery manufacturer A123 Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: AONE), but the deal is facing right-wing opposition in the U.S.
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As US Fries In Heat Wave, Half A World Away, Eggheads Wonder If Global Warming Is Real

Thousands of miles away, a cadre of international Nobel laureates assembled to discuss global warming were having a, er, heated debate, arguing over data that the vast majority of scientists the world over say shows clear evidence of manmade climate change. But in the steaming streets of Brooklyn, the crowded public pools of Atlanta and the power outage-hit suburbs of Washington, D.C., the discussion was unanimous: It was hot.


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