Hillary Clinton’s stumble over the weekend and subsequent hiatus from the campaign trail to recover from a pneumonia diagnosis has more Americans than ever saying that her opponent Donald Trump is a healthier human being.

The percentage of Americans who think that Clinton is in good health dropped after Trump and the media spent a week talking about her health (and then, of course, it turned out she was sick). Just 22 percent of those polled in a new Politico/Morning Consult survey released Wednesday says that Clinton’s health is above average or excellent, down from 29 percent who said the same last month. Thirty-six percent of respondents on the other hand said the same about Trump. These results were largely biased by partisan politics, the poll noted, with 68 percent of Republicans sharing the negative opinion of Clinton’s health compared to just 16 percent of Democrats.

And, in a race that has been so largely defined by a lack of trust for both candidates, Clinton has sunk to low levels when it comes to voters who think she has given false information about her well being. Fifty percent of respondents in the poll said she has done so, compared to 37 percent for Trump. 

Clinton is slated to return to the campaign trail on Thursday. She appeared to nearly faint Sunday morning during a Sept. 11 remembrance ceremony in lower Manhattan, a sight that the campaign explained came after the former secretary of State became overheated and dehydrated. The video showing her seeming to stumble or lose consciousness quickly went viral and inspired several conspiracy theories on the internet.

In the days since, Trump has refrained from criticizing Clinton’s health further, choosing instead to say that he hopes she gets better soon and can be back out on the campaign trail. Before Sunday, he had repeatedly questioned her fitness for the office of the presidency.

Wednesday’s poll surveyed 1,501 registered voters from Sept. 12-13 and had a margin of error of 3 percentage points.