Lauren Tannehill, wife of Dolphin's rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill and aspiring model will not be featured on the pages of Maxim Magazine, at least not yet.

The internet was abuzz with rumors, purportedly from the photographer Roger Snider, that the shots were being used in Maxim Magazine.

As it turns out that isn't quite what happened according to a manager at modeling agency Page.713.

That was a spec shoot designed to be sent out and Maxim was one of the options, Eric Bechtol said. A lot of blogs have reported that it was for Maxim and that is not accurate as of now.

So the photos of the 24-year-old blonde from College Station, Texas aren't going to be used in Maxim unless Maxim decides that they will.

One way or the other Tannehill will probably end up splashed across the pages of a magazine thanks to the fame she will undoubtedly find when HBO's Hard Knocks rolls into Miami.

See the pictures from her spec photo shoot below.