Leah Messer cried to her husband Jeremy Calvert on the newest episode of “Teen Mom 2” Season 5b after she said the medicine her doctor prescribed made her feel like a “druggie.” But according to Radar Online, some of the pills Messer has been popping aren’t prescribed by a doctor.

“We think Leah could be taking powerful painkillers including Lortab and Percocet,” a source close to the West Virginia native told the news site. “They are very easy to get on the streets in her hometown.”

Messer, 23, is a mother to three little girls, one of whom, Aliannah Simms, has an incurable form of muscular dystrophy. The “Teen Mom 2” star recently opened up and said her 4-year-old’s medical bills can cost up to $20,000 per bill. Sources told the magazine that she takes the pills to handle stress at home and financial hardships.

“It’s all too much for her,” the insider said. “Sometimes she drops her girls off with her mom at night and takes painkillers or drinks heavily. Dawn is all too eager to help out and tries to keep Leah’s secrets hidden.”

“Leah doesn’t seem to be handling the stress very well,” the source continued. “We just want her to be healthy.”

Last season, Messer revealed she and second husband Calvert discussed divorce, but now she claims the two have worked through their problems and will stay together. His job takes him away from his family regularly, and in the latest episode, Calvert asks how he can help his wife and she asks that he be there more for her and their children.

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