Leah Messer
Leah Messer said she feels like a "druggy" in a sneak peek clip of "Teen Mom 2." MTV

Leah Messer has her hands full. The 22-year-old has been married twice, divorced once and has three children less than 5 years of age. In a sneak peek for a new episode of “Teen Mom 5” Season 5, the young mother admits to husband Jeremy Calvert her prescription drugs make her feel loopy.

“I’m about to start crying over here,” she told her husband in the new clip, but doesn't identify the type of medicine. “When I first take that medicine, I feel calm and I feel like I can do stuff. I took half of it this time instead of a full one and now I feel really messed up. Maybe it’s just me thinking about it too much.

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"I feel like ... I’m on drugs and I’ve never felt like that ever in my life,” she continued. “I don’t like feeling like that. I feel like I’m slurring and I just feel really weird and I’m freaking out.”

Calvert seemed to get frustrated at first and told her to go to the doctor and said that the dose she is on might be too high. But then Messer admitted the pills help in the beginning when she takes them.

“It helps me at first and then I start feeling like a damn druggy,” she said. Calvert responded, “You can see it in your eyes right now.”

Messer started to get emotional after her husband’s observation.

“That’s what I’m saying: It makes me feel bad,” Messer continued. “I don’t want to feel slow. I don’t want to look like that. But I know that I need it because it helps me at first ... then throughout the day, I feel worse.”

Messer was ultimately conflicted. The pills help at first but then she feels tired and out of it. Calvert, who did not know what to do, asks his wife how he could make it better and she said he needs to be there more.

Calvert’s job often takes him away from his family in West Virginia, and Messer has said in the past it makes her feel like a single mother; that maybe her husband enjoys getting away from their family so he can take a break and not deal with their home life. In the end of the clip, Calvert promised the reality star he will be supportive.

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