Leah Remini was forced to leave the Church of Scientology after she questioned actor Tom Cruise’s relationship with church leader, David Miscavige, the “King of Queens” actress’ sister, Nicole Remini, said during an interview with My Talk 107.1, a Twin Cities radio station.

Reportedly, Cruise and Miscavige had what Nicole called a strange relationship, and Leah is said to have rocked the boat when she questioned the actor’s involvement with the church's higher-ups.

“You know the funny thing is you start questioning things that are connected to Tom, things getting a little crazy,” Nicole said in the radio interview.

Nicole said that Leah also questioned the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Miscavige’s wife, Michelle Shelly Barnett, who has not been seen since 2007. Reportedly, it was Barnett who brought together Cruise and his former wife, Katie Holmes.

"She's been curious for years," Nicole said. “Where the h--- is [Shelly]?'... This is all Leah asked, and this is what it's turned into?"

Since Leah’s departure from the Church of Scientology, a number of former members have opened up about Cruise’s relationship with Miscavige, whom the “Mission Impossible” actor invited along during his honeymoon with Holmes, Radar Online reported.

Former Australian rugby league player, Joe Reaiche, who was excommunicated from the church nine years ago, in an interview with the Daily Mail, called Cruise and Miscavige “two peas in a pod,” and stated that Cruise is blind to what’s actually happening in the church.

“Tom and David are like twins – they’re like two peas in a pod. I think Tom he has turned a blind eye to issues with his church. And they have been very careful not to show him the dark side,” Reaiche, whose daughter is said to be dating Cruise’s son, Connor Cruise, told the Daily Mail.