At least 20 people were electrocuted when a power line fell during the Haiti carnival in the capital city of Port-au-Prince on Tuesday, according to media reports. Eyewitnesses reportedly said that the accident occurred when people on a crowded carnival float attempted to move an overhead power line so that they could pass under it.

The incident happened before dawn when thousands of people had gathered on the streets for the second day of the annual celebration. At least 60 people were also injured, according to media reports.  

“I saw the wire falling and sparks and I started running for my life,” an eyewitness told The Associated Press. Some of the victims were reportedly instantly electrocuted while a few others managed to jump off.

Hundreds of people reportedly thronged the General Hospital in Port-au-Prince, where many of the victims were taken. As of now, Haitian authorities have not released an official casualty figure.

Following the incident, Haitian President Michel Martelly expressed his “sincerest sympathies” to the victims, according to media reports