Even to those who aren't sports savvy, the slam dunk perfectly executed can still inspire awe. But this instance is an entirely another story.

During Wednesday night's Miami Heat vs. Charlotte Bobcats game, LeBron James dunked a basket in the second quarter, but instead, the dunk bounced off the head of an opponent and was denied by refs.

The dunk was denied by refs, ruled as a miss, though video footage captured the ball clearly going through the hoop before bouncing off Bobcat guard Gerald Henderson's head.

During the fourth quarter, two-time MVP James pulled off a block and aimed to slam a one-handed dunk. However, Henderson went to block the dunk and somehow the ball hit the top of his head, and ricocheted out of the hoop.

Was it dumb luck or skill? The sports world will never know, but kudos to Henderson and his head for blocking one from LeBron.

Although the dunk didn't count, Miami beat Charlotte by one point when Dwyane Wade sinked the game-winning shot.

View the video of LeBron James' dunk which bounced off Gerald Henderson's head below.