Matt (Christopher Eccleston) might be Miracle's most stalwart believer, but no character in HBO's "The Leftovers" Season 2 has more riding on the town than Nora (Carrie Coon). After all, this is a woman who placed a multimillion-dollar bid on a house on a whim just to guarantee her spot among Miracle's "chosen" few. However, while Nora would like nothing more than to leave the Sudden Departure in the past, everywhere she turns the perceived safety of her new home is crumbling around her in episode 6, "Lens." 

There is a new face in Miracle, a researcher named Juaquin Cuarto (Diego Wallraff) who believes Nora might have had something to do with Evie's (Jasmin Savoy Brown) disappearance. He takes readings around the Murphys' house and tries to use some sort of scanner on Nora. She does not like what he is implying, though, and kicks him off her porch. 

The next morning Nora throws a rock through one of the Murphys' windows. Is she sleepwalking like Kevin, or does she think they had something to do with the researcher blaming her for Evie?

Meanwhile, the Murphys are dealing with their own unwanted visitor. George Brevity (Joel Murray), an agent from the DSD -- that's the Department of Secondary Departures -- wants to talk to them to confirm that Evie's disappearance was not another Departure. Erika wants nothing to do with Brevity, but Nora cozies up to the man, bonding over their shared work history at the DSD.

Brevity tells her about a new questionnaire the department is using to weed out fake Departure claims. He thinks Evie's disappearance might actually check out. You can see the fear in Nora's eyes -- she does not want to entertain the possibility of another Departure. To make matters works, Brevity mentions a new theory about "Lenses" -- that is people who may be giving off energy that causes people to Depart. Nora realizes the researchers believe that she is a Lens. 

There is a benefit in the town visitors center that night to raise money for the search for Evie. Before the benefit, Nora takes Mary (Janel Moloney) outside of the town's limits to pay a visit to Matt. Not surprisingly, Matt has won over the religious fanatics in the camp by having had refused to let another person take his place in the stocks . It's interesting that as Nora dodges blame for the Departure, Matt finds acceptance and even purpose in bearing the burden of guilt for others. 

Matt mentions that taking Mary to the benefit might ruffle the Murphys' feathers -- they do not believe Matt's story about her waking up -- and accuses Nora of acting hostile toward them. She denies it, but it is clear she knows it is true. She resents the Murphys for the possibility that Evie departed and the implication that Nora, as a Lens, is responsible -- no wonder she threw that rock!

However, at the benefit Erika reveals she believes Nora's worst fears have come true. Erika and John (Kevin Carroll) sit through speeches from the tearful parents of the other girls who disappeared and a sentimental slide show of pictures of all the girls, but Erika snaps when Jerry tries to sacrifice a goat in the middle of the event. She lectures the town for being delusional enough to think they had been spared by the Sudden Departure. She says her daughter is gone. 

The Leftovers Erika (Regina King) answers some big questions in episode 6 of "The Leftovers" Season 2. Photo: HBO

Afterward, Nora, who stole Brevity's top secret questionnaire at the benefit, goes to visit Erika. She says Erika is scared of everyone finding out that Evie did not depart and says the questions will prove it. However, when Nora runs the questions by the grieving mother, the answers tell a different story -- they also reveal that Erika's burying-a-live-bird-in-a-box ritual was passed down from her grandmother to prove that Miracle was special. Erika says she buried an injured bird alive and wished for her daughter to be OK if she left her husband -- that night, Evie disappeared. Nora chastises Erika for blaming herself, calling it pathetic, but when Erika calls out Nora for doing the same with her departed kids, Nora breaks down and leaves. 

Nora returns home in tears, and it's out of the frying pan and into the fire. Kevin, who was being taunted earlier while redoing wallpaper by an invisible Patti (Ann Dowd), needs to talk. He confesses that he is seeing Patti and acknowledges his deteriorating mental health. He also says Patti "tells him" that telling Nora about her is a mistake. Nora tries to process everything, but is interrupted when Erika throws a rock through the Garveys' window. 

The rock shatters Nora's window and her sense of safety. It is looking more and more like there was another Departure and now Nora might even be the cause. Plus, the man she chose to co-pilot her Miracle-bound lifeboat is losing his mind. Miracle? Yeah, right.