A clean-shaven, severed leg in Florida that mysteriously washed ashore early Tuesday morning on a vacationing Canadian family's rented beachfront home in St. Petersburg has police searching for answers, according to reports.

One the family members discovered the leg at about 7:40 a.m. after going outside to drink coffee. The Pinellas County Medical Examiner took the leg for investigation and is trying to determine the victim's race, sex, age and approximate time of death. Police said that the limb is a right leg with the foot missing at the ankle, appearing to belong to a heavy set person, possibly a woman, but not definite.

We don't know the cause and manner of death, said St. Petersburg police Maj. Mike Kovacsev, to the St. Petersburg Times. But obviously someone went to great lengths to dismember this body.

Kovacsev cotinued: The most important thing is identifying the person. You can't even surmise what happened to them until we identify the victim and look into their life.

A St. Petersburg Police spokesman said that a marine unit has been sent to check the surrounding waters for any additional evidence, according to reports. The home, located at 6990 Fourth St. S., is next to the playground at the Bay Vista Recreation Center.

Obviously, this was found in the Bay, so there's a lot of different factors in terms of what jurisdiction this might have come from, said St. Petersburg police spokesman Mike Puetz to 10 news in St. Petersburg. It's a major shipping channel as well, so there are a lot of options in terms of the origin of the leg itself.

The St. Petersburg Times reports that the leg had no tattoos and no distinct marks or scars. There were also no other signs of trauma, except for some mysterious marks, dotted with seaweed and other debris when it was found, around the upper thigh.  

Not only are police waiting for further testing from the Medical Examiner's office, but they are also checking missing people reports from several nearby counties in hopes of figuring out whose leg was cut.  

We don't think the leg's been in the water that long. Our best judgment at this point would be a day or two, Puetz told ABC Action News. Right now it's obviously a very suspicious set of circumstances. We're stopping a little bit short of calling it a homicide, at this point, until we get some more details

Reports say that anyone with information is asked to contact 727-893-7780 or reach out to the TIP line at 727-892-5000.