You may think that your life is over but sometimes fate isn't done with you yet - this is the note with which the American legal comedy-drama television series 'Harry's Law' premiered Monday night on NBC.

The show starring academy award winner, Kathy Bates revolves around a successful patent attorney with 32 years of practice, who loses her job after her boss finds her smoking a joint and watching Yosemite Sam during office hours.

American screenwriter and television producer, David E Kelley, who is best known as the creator of The Practice, Ally McBeal, Boston Public and Boston Legal, produced the series.

This is the first television series that Kelley co-produced with Warner Bros. Television. The script was initially writer for a male artist and comedian Lewis Black was originally going to play the lead role. However, when Bates showed interest in the script, the role of 'Harry' was eventually changed to attorney Harriet Korn.

Having lost her job and strolling aimlessly across the streets in Cincinnati, Harry is suddenly hit by a young man named Malcolm who tries to commit suicide. She is then rushed to a hospital where she is treated for her wounds. It is from here that an unconventional story of twisting destiny unfolds where she first meets Malcolm and then a young patent attorney named Adam Branch.

Kelley is very optimistic about the series as he tries to bring the perfect balance of goofiness and high-end drama.