“The Legend of Korra” will no longer air on Nickelodeon after its July 25 episode. The animated series will be moving to an unspecified digital format for the remainder of Season 3.

“The Legend of Korra” is a spin-off of Nickelodeon’s hit, “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” The sci-fi series follows people who can manipulate water, fire, air and earth. The show is in its third season but has suffered low ratings since the season premiere in June.

Fans fear that this could mean that the series will be canceled. They were already concerned when the airing schedule showed that Nickelodeon was planning to air all episodes rather quickly, premiering two or three episodes each Friday. The network will now only air one episode of “Legend of Korra” on June 25, titled “The Terror Within.”

Co-creator Bryan Konietzko took to his Tumblr to calm "The Legend of Korra" fans. He stated the following message: "Korra not cancelled. Moving to digital. We'll talk at SDCC. Thanks for caring."

Legend of korra Bryan Konietzko posted this image to his Tumblr to calm "The Legend of Korra" fans. Photo: bryankonietzko.tumblr.com

Co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino went on Facebook to tell fans about the change and confirmed that there would be a Season 4. DiMartino wrote, "But the good news is, you will be able to see the rest of Book 3 of Korra, I just don't know all the details yet. And there is most definitely a Book 4. All the pre-production is done and Studio Mir is hard at work on the animation."

Despite this confirmation, fans still don’t want the show pulled from television. While passionate “Korra” fans will know where to watch, some viewers are concerned that children and casual fans won’t see the show. They have started tweeting with the hashtag #SaveKorra.

More details on the decision will be released at San Diego Comic-Con during the show’s panel on Friday, July 25, at 11:15 PT.

Does the digital change affect that many “Korra” fans or was everyone already watching it online? Sound off in the comments section below.