Marvel's new superhero movie “Ant-Man” is scheduled to hit cinemas later this year, but toy maker LEGO may have unintentionally dropped a major spoiler for the movie. LEGO has released a new Super Heroes set for “Ant-Man” titled “Final Battle” and it shows the presence of a new villain.

According to the pictures posted on The Brick Fan, the game set has Paul Rudd's character of Scott Lang (Ant-Man) geared up on a fly to face Corey Stoll's villain Yellowjacket. However, there is a second mini toy figure of Ant-Man in the form of a black-suited Hank Pym. Various websites are now speculating that there are chances that Michael Douglas will also don the superhero suit in the film.

However, according to the pictures, the Ant-Man suit donned by Douglas' character (Hank Pym) differs from the one worn by Rudd's character. Douglas' suit is black while the one worn by Rudd has a silver gray tone. “This could mean we will be seeing Pym put on the suit and fight alongside Lang!” writes Game Zone.

Since black signals a villain, there is speculation in the media that Douglas' character might be a villain in the movie. “Does this mean Michael Douglas, who is playing Hank Pym in the film, will be suiting up in his own black version of the Ant-Man suit?” writes Comic Book. It is not the first time that LEGO game set revealed a major spoiler before the release of the movie. In past, the LEGO sets have revealed similar spoilers for “Iron Man 3.”

The newly released images belong to a LEGO game set called "Final Battle." Cinema Blend writes that the set may refer to the final battle between Scott Lang and Yellowjacket and Pym is the “real villain” of the film. “Ant-Man” also stars Evangeline Lilly, Judy Greer, John Slattery, Michael Peña and Bobby Cannavale. It will release on July 17.