Love moves us to do crazy things. It pushes us to do grand gestures, like shout from the rooftops or write a love song. It makes people want to propose in front of a stadium of people, or on the Today show.

This, however, is not something Jane Austen coming.

Len Kendall, 28-year-old Community Contributor at BuzzFeed, has taken over the social media site with a proposal to his longtime girlfriend, Katie Holland.

In an entry entitled Help Me Convince Katie to Say 'Yes'! Kendall has designed a meme with a photo of him kneeling and the words Katie I love you so much, I can haz your hand in marriage? (That would be a reference to LOLcats.)

The post includes a plain jpeg image of Kendall so readers can craft their own memes. So far has ranged from graphic spin-offs of popular internet sensations Sh*t Girls Say (Sh*t Katie Says: Yes) and Angelina Jolie's right leg (My Leg Says...#SayYesKatie).

 Help him out by leaving an image in the comments persuading her to say yes and making Len the happiest man in the whole internets! writes and editor. We'll update this post as soon as she responds. OMG!!!

The meme has also prompted the hashtag #SayYesKatie, bringing together the most viral elements of social media and the public proposal.

I love you @hollandersauce. Stay calm. I'll see you soon :) #SayYesKatie, Kendall tweeted to his girlfriend at about noon.

We presume the plan is that Katie, who also works in social media for McDonalds, will come across the masses calling for her to accept this man's hand in marriage and be overwhelmed with surprise and (hopefully) joy.

The internets await for your response, Katie.

So... CUTE or WTF?